Trends in Software Video Collage

This was another assignment in my Trends in software class. We duplicated a photo on a phone or tablet. I choose to use my tablet. This was a fun but frustrating assignment. I understand why there are so many takes on a TV and movie sets. I used the Carquinez bridge and I used a collectable model from my collection. This was a fun assignment that was created on my tablet, and we then made a video on how we created our photo.

18 thoughts on “Trends in Software Video Collage

  1. Joe! Good job. Its a little hard to see what you are doing at first, and hard to hear you. The captions make it better though. Easy to follow. Good Job!!!! =)

  2. Awesome collage, I almost did that one too! I liked how you used both captions and voice in the video, it made it very easy to follow along! Next time maybe add some background music. All in all very helpful video!

  3. GREAT JOB JOOEEE!!!!! I like how you are telling us a little bit about the tools you are using and I like your captions :) You did a great job I’m proud of you! I couldn’t really see because you recorded your screen with a camera and I couldn’t really hear you but that’s what the captions are for :)

  4. Good Job on your video! You explained everything very well and it was easy to follow. The way you did your photograph was very similar to mine… :D

  5. You took what seemed like a difficult image to reproduce and made it look really simple. You also got great images that reflected the original. Concise instructions. Good job.

  6. Good information and description were given. Final image was good, I wish if you could have increased the volume of fire to go up more. Nice work.

  7. I thought you did good on your video,i could follow along and understand well. only suggestion for this particular assignment maybe having a picture of the image you were recreating but other then that good job! ;-)

  8. Your video is clear and informative on how to use the apps to create the final product. Good use of captions especially because the audio was a bit remote. You might try speeding up the drawing process sections so things go a bit more quickly. Nice Job!

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